—  branding driven by purpose that extends far past your average brochure. This is the new world.


Logo design, graphic design, brand guidelines, brand touch points.

The world of branding is endless and I truly believe we live in the best time to create the best kind of work online & offline. My approach to branding is a purposed driven model that aims to cut through the clutter to the essence of a brand. This typically starts with a solid understanding of the purpose, target audience and tone of voice. The following projects are brands I have worked on based on this model & insight.



Free & Easy Traveler


I was responsible for the brand refresh and campaign development of this millennial focused company in 2018-2019; and it ended up being one of my favourite projects to date. We also wrote the manifesto, rebranded the logo, designed a custom font, rolled out numerous campaigns but online & offline.


Freedom is travel.
The ability to travel.
Being your authentic self without worry, doubts or fear of how it will be received by others. 
It is also the feeling of being accepted when you are your true, honest, authentic self.
Freedom is courage in having a voice. 
Not escaping but instead gaining perspective. 
Dropping expectations and allowing the moment to take you. Making the choice not to worry. 
Freedom is trusting. Trusting in the unknown.

The world would be a better place is we all lived free.



Bring it Home Campaign for Art on the Block

Typographic design for Art on the Block Art Auction. We were asked to have our own spin on this simple three word sentence, I decided to take it to the kitchen & beyond.



Brookfield Residential Alberta


After Brookfield acquired Albi Luxury Homes there was a need for an updated Brand Guideline including templates that would appeal to a wider audience. We matured the colour palette and elevate the design so it could speak to the first-time home buyer and the luxury home buyer.



CP (Canadian Pacific Railway)

An ongoing LOB campaign based on the pure idea that CP connects us with people & businesses across the world. Roughly 80% of the items in the room you are sitting in right now were at one touched by a CP employee. CP Connects is a term that is used both internally and externally.



Stewart Drummond Studios

Social & print event invites for a local wholesale resource centre for interior designers.



Additional Brand Events & Logos