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—  Advertising addict. Graphic Designer. Social Media Manager.

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Taegan Rubert.

[Tay-gen] Say it like that.

I have a passion this new digital world we live in and how companies can cut through the cutter in order to tell a greater story with a deeper meaning. I believe that every business has a very special place in this modern digital world, and I want to help you determine where that is.

On a more personal side. I was born in beautiful Calgary Alberta yet raised in big cities & small towns across Canada, even into the USA. I am a yoga junkie, vino lover and of course driven the big ideas that transform branding/social/web/video.

Um, you aren’t Blake. Why the name? 

As much as I wish my name was Blake & in a way it is. Blake is my mother’s maiden name but also a name rich in history and stories. Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about family. This is, most likely, where my first love for storytelling came from. Because hidden in every family tree is a fantastic story & purpose. 

So what does this have to do with your brand? Well, it started with a dream, purpose & story too. Hopefully somewhere along the lines your brand developed an important purpose and if not, that is where I can help uncover it.

Let’s not just make pretty things for the fun of it, let’s make compelling visuals that have a meaning and reveal your brand story to the world. Take your audience through this wonderful unique story and make your expression meaningful. 




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